OK, I Think This One is Actually Kind of Sweet of the Day

Tanya + Strand … You, Me and Patti Smith - m4w (STRAND)


who really knows if you’re going to end up seeing this post of not, but i felt compelled to write so here goes.

on monday afternoon around 4pm, i stopped by strand to pick up a copy of ‘patti smith: dream of life’.

as i approached the next register available, you greeted me again with a pretty spectacular smile. i say again because i had visited strand a few days prior to pick up a copy of the same books, and by chance you were at the register i walked up to then. as i subtly commented on the coincidence, you didn’t miss a beat and joked that i had probably been cutting out pictured to hang on my wall, and i’m still laughing about that.

your sense of humor and amazing smile … i wouldn’t mind being around both a little bit more. care to make jokes over coffee or drinks?

here’s to trying. or, you know, i could just come in and buy a third copy of the book. 

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