And Now, Some Charts

I’ve been neglecting data analysis and visualizations for the last week or so because I wanted to accumulate more data. As of now I’ve processed one week’s worth of Missed Connections posts (8/11/2011-8/18/2011), which is a little over 1,000 posts and a more reasonable number from which to draw conjecture. Also (more Google plugs!) it is easy to make charts like these super quick in Google Docs. So here’s a big picture on the content I’ve been slogging through for most of August and September:

(Note on the cut off text in the situation chart: that third to last one is “Places Where There Is Food.” The complexities of sit-down restaurant vs. diner vs. McDonald’s was getting to be too much. Clarification will come later when we do a more thorough report on food and Missed Connections in general.)

These results are pretty consistent with previous data analyses I’ve done of NYC Missed Connections.  Some of the situations may be skewed to anomalous seasonal activities (the beach, Celebrate Brooklyn), but that generally balances out (with Christmas things, Halloween parties, etc.).  

Now it’s time to start delving deeper into the content. Getting psyched. Expect lots more charts soon. 

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